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Have a tight budget for transcription services? Through FreeTranscriptions, you can get 300 minutes worth of free automated machine transcripts every month for your audio recordings at no cost.


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Focus on more important things and leave your audio recordings to us. We can get your audio recordings transcribed in a matter of minutes – faster than the time it would take for human transcription.

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Simply create a FreeTranscriptions account so you can start uploading your files to get your free audio transcription. Our user-friendly client portal works on all devices. Need help? Give us a call or email and we’ll walk you through it.


Integration Solutions

Maximize the quality of your free transcript by choosing from our variety of editing services. By using our editing services and uploading at least an hour’s worth of audio recording, you can get an additional 300 minutes for free!

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About Us

Aside from offering free transcriptions for various industries, we also provide a hybrid of machine and human services that include proofing, editing, and meeting summary services. We are part of Civicom, Inc., whose other brands include Please.Do, Hey DAN, ConferTel, Adigo, and others.

Something that sets us apart, in addition to a fanatical commitment to excellence, is that 10% of our company profits go to help those in severe poverty, mostly through the Feathers Project. Ten percent is not a token corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort for show, and lots of company employees volunteer, too. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why we have a fanatical commitment to excellence; we know there is more to what we do together, every day than just making money.
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