6 Ways Remote Teams Can Boost Efficiency Right Now

Remote Teams Boosting Efficiency

Remote working brings many benefits to both employers and employees. From saving time and money, to having more flexibility and freedom, and even to having effective meetings, remote working has proven to be quite favorable.


However, one of the main obstacles of every remote team out there is the fact that there are more distractions. TVs, gadgets, pets, and more can distract them from doing their work and can eventually cause them to slack off. You need to make sure that your remote team stays at the top of their game! Boost the efficiency of your remote team in these 6 ways: 


Let everyone know about rules and procedures

Working remotely is a lot different than working in an office. It might feel the same as always but a lot of ground rules and procedures will be altered or lifted in remote teams. Make sure your team members know about these new rules and procedures. The more they know it, the more they can apply it in their daily shifts, and the more they can do their jobs faster and strive towards efficiency. 


Communicate effectively

Effective communication is a priority when it comes to remote teams. Communicating with team members can be hard when you don’t share an office space anymore as you won’t feel as connected as before. Use the proper communication tools provided by your employers, whether it be a simple messaging platform or email. It’s also important to openly communicate with everyone. Make sure every detail or project update goes to everyone. If you have any concerns, bring it up to the right people. The more you can communicate effectively, the more efficient your team will be. 


Utilize a free transcription service

Working remotely means there’s going to be a lot of virtual team meetings such as conference calls and video conferences. This might entail a more complicated process of transcribing meetings and creating meeting minutes. For this, you can utilize a free transcription service to make the process easier. You can simply upload an audio recording of a meeting and an online audio-to-text conversion engine will generate free transcriptions for you. 


Give employees access to online seminars or workshops

If you’re the CEO or a manager of a company, you could try and offer online seminars or workshops to your employees. These online seminars and workshops will help them be a better individual and help them develop as your employees. They’ll be able to learn new knowledge, improve their skills, and learn to work better. This kind of investment does not only help you boost the efficiency of your remote team, but it will also help you grow your business. 


Foster friendships among the team

An efficient team is one that is close-knit, that is why it is important to foster friendships among the team. Create a safe and fun environment for your team members to connect with each other and build a solid relationship. You could have daily casual meetings where you talk about non-work topics. You could also have a group chat where you talk about hobbies and interests. When your team is close to each other, they’ll be more comfortable working with each other, helping each other, and more. 


Give awards and acknowledge efforts

Working remotely can’t be too easy and you might even be busier than before. Make sure you take the time to give out awards and acknowledge the efforts of your team once in a while. This will keep them motivated to work and will keep their morale high. High motivation and morale will make everyone feel united even though you work from home, and will push everyone to be more productive every day. 


Keep your remote team efficient at all times with these tips. It may be hard but if you follow these tips and think of your employees’ welfare, you’ll be able to motivate them and more.