7 Overlooked Ways to Get More YouTube Views

7 Overlooked Ways to Get More YouTube Views

YouTube content creators are always looking for new ways to get more YouTube videos and expand your reach. If you’re thinking about monetizing your channel, you’re even more inclined to get better viewership. The thing is, you don’t need to look for new ways to increase views. Rather, you should be focusing on effective methods that are being overlooked by many. You can use these simple methods to your advantage and gain an edge over others. Here are 7 overlooked ways how to increase your YouTube channel views: 


Adding captions to your videos

Start by adding captions to your videos! Captions allow better viewership, better engagement, and better accessibility for your audience. You can do this by using a free transcription service to increase your YouTube channel views. You can easily come up with captions to put in your videos with its online audio-to-text conversion engine. This is one simple and cost-effective way to amass more views without spending too much money. 


Writing a compelling and optimized description

You’ll also be amazed at how a well-written description or summary can do a lot for you and your videos. Don’t just write one or two sentences in the video description. Write a compelling one. Describe your video with a little bit of introduction or a great opening line and include relevant links and recommendations to get more views on your other videos. 


Writing a good title for your videos

Apart from the description, the title of your videos counts as well! Make sure they’re clear and creative. If a video is part of a vlog series, use separators so as to not confuse the audience with long titles. Most importantly, make sure you include the keyword to make your video content more discoverable. 


Changing the way you film

If you want to get more YouTube views, you also need to be a better storyteller. And to be a better storyteller, you need to change the way you film. Avoid filming your video as one monotonous clip. Try new angles from time to time or film with two cameras to keep it interesting. Make sure you also edit insignificant parts out of the video so as to not dull or dampen the attention of the viewers. 


Making thumbnails stand out

Your thumbnail is the first thing people are going to see from your videos, so go ahead and make sure you’ll stand out right from the getgo. Customize your thumbnail, add in texts (preferably the title), and make sure it looks inviting! You also need to keep in mind that your thumbnails align with your brand colors and look consistent with others. 


Leveraging playlists

YouTube playlists can also contribute to more views for your channel. What you can do is create playlists of your videos and share it with your current followers or subscribers. You can also create general playlists, with other videos from other content creators or entertainment channels apart from your own, so new audiences will be able to find it get you new views. This is fast and easy, yet it can contribute to your views. 


Utilizing add-in video links

Another overlooked way of getting more YouTube views is by utilizing add-in video links. Add-in video links are the external clickable links that pop up in videos. When you start adding these to your videos, you can easily direct viewers to other videos you have on your channel.

You can do this by going to your Account Settings, viewing your Additional Features, then enabling you External Annotations. Once you’ve done that, you can now add-in clickable links to your videos. Just simply click the little square box under the video when editing them on YouTube, click Annotations, select the specific area you want them to pop-up, then add in the link of another video. 


These underrated methods can help you receive more views and expand your reach. Start practicing them for your next videos and try to see the difference they make.