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Captioning Service Provider or Captioning Software – Which One Should You Choose?

Captioning service provider vs captioning software

You have probably had to transcribe some kind of recording at some point – perhaps you were looking for a quotation from a significant interview, or you were wanting to review key points from recordings of your meetings. This process can be time-consuming which is where transcribing services or software can come in handy.

Innovations in technology now allow you to produce your own transcriptions using various methods. These innovations remove the requirement for expensive equipment and have made transcriptions more accessible.

Getting a captioning service provider and using caption software are the most common ways to generate captions, but which one works best for what you need?

Captioning Service Provider

Outsourcing transcribing services is a good choice especially when you don’t have experience or the time to make the effort yourself. If you’re overwhelmed by an enormous volume of captioning, it’s a good idea to seek a free transcribing service for your captions. 

Aside from the cost, hiring a captioning provider is a better choice if you won’t be needing closed captions often. Why spend money on a software product that you will only be using once in a while?

Additionally, you’ve effectively saved yourself from the trouble that comes with completing the job when you hire a transcription service provider. This frees up your time and allows you to focus on more productive things that take less effort and commitment.

Captioning Software

If you prefer doing it yourself and would constantly need captions, perhaps using a captioning software is for you. Having the capacity to edit and convert closed captions for other formats in-house can be incredibly beneficial in most scenarios. For instance, you’ll be able to make last-minute edits without having to wait for the service company’s revised copy. Also, you can do modifications yourself without incurring additional costs.

Best of Two Worlds

Another option is using both to create a bespoke solution for all of your captioning needs. Find a captioning service that also provides captioning software. Aside from having access to expert client assistance for the program, you’ll also have a service provider who can handle your more advanced captioning requirements.

Regardless of what method you choose, ensure you have a high-quality recording of a conversation or interview to get an accurate transcription. Remember that your subjects must be close by and speak in clear, loud voices.