Excellent Tools That Can Help Journalists

journalist at work

Being a journalist requires hard work, passion, and determination. It’s certainly not an easy job to disseminate news, do research, investigate, and report to the masses. This is why you, as a journalist, should get all the help you deserve. There are various tools for journalists, great tools that will make your work much easier and faster, and ultimately help you be better at what you do. Here are excellent tools that can help journalists with their work: 


FreeTranscriptions is a free transcription service which makes a perfect tool for journalists. It uses the best online audio-to-text conversion engine in the market to automatically generate transcriptions for every need. You will be able to use this to transcribe interviews, videos, and audio recordings for your reports, articles, essays, and more. 


TinEye is an incredible tool that can help journalists battle the insurgence of fake news and tampered photos. It has an image identification technology and makes use of the digital signatures of a photo, rather than the keywords or metadata. TinEye can also detect whether an image has been manipulated or tampered with. A tool like this can be beneficial in making sure that photos and news are authentic and not fake.


As a journalist, you’re going to have to spend a significant amount of time on social media accounts like Twitter to investigate or monitor news or certain individuals. Unfortunately, Twitter can be full of trolls and bots. To help, you can use the Botometer. Botometer analyzes Twitter accounts and provides a score. The higher the score, the more likely for the account to be a bot. 


Datawrapper is a must-have among journalist tools. It helps you create visually-appealing and interactive charts, maps, and tables. All you have to do is copy and paste your data from the web, Excel or Google Sheets, and it transforms your data into charts or maps. You also get to customize the design before printing it or embedding it on your website. 


Used by The Washington Post and Times of London, StoryMap.js from the Knight Foundation is a unique way of telling a story. Essentially, what it does is that it lets you embed text, pictures or video in a map and it displays the details as an accompanying slideshow. The result is an interactive map that highlights various events and stories. Take a look at this fun map detailing Arya’s journey in the HBO series Game of Thrones


As a journalist, it’s also important to make sure your audience will have no trouble reading and absorbing your works. For this, you can use Hemingway. Hemingway is an online app that shows writers the readability of their works. It highlights passive voices and complex sentences, gives suggestions, and more. It also provides a readability score out of 15. The lower your score, the more simple or precise your writing is. 

FiLMiC Pro

Sometimes the built-in cameras of your phones are not enough. You can improve it with the FiLMic Pro. Though this app costs money, you can expect your video shoots to be at a professional level when you use it. Some of its features include manual control over focus, exposure, white balance and variable speed zoom, different frame rates, high image quality, and more. 


The next time you set out for work, the next time you write an article or a report, the next time you interview someone or you shoot a video, remember these various tools for journalists and let them help you do your work.