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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! Just create a FreeTranscriptions account and start uploading your recordings. Each account can request up to 300 minutes free! If you need more minutes, let us know.

You can get your free transcriptions by creating an account on the FreeTranscriptions client portal.

At the moment, FreeTranscriptions only supports recordings in English

FreeTranscriptions supports the following file extensions:  .mp3, .wav, .aac, .m4a, and .wma.

Not only can you view your interactive transcript on the platform itself, you can also download your transcript in MS Word format and in PDF.

With interactive transcripts, corresponding words or phrases are highlighted as the recording is played, sort of like a read-along feature. Likewise, a user can click anywhere in the transcript to jump to that particular timeframe in the recording.

FreeTranscriptions is a work in progress, and our developers are hard at work improving our product.  If you have any comments or suggestions for FreeTranscriptions, do let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

Platform / Minute Limit

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Unfortunately, we can only accept audio files at the moment.

To check on the number of minutes used, log into your FreeTranscriptions account and go to account settings.  Your usage meter is located underneath the user profile area.
We’re glad you’re enjoying FreeTranscriptions! If you’ve used up your 300 free minutes, you can purchase additional minutes. We have several minute blocks available. Learn more here.

Your 300 free minutes are given once your account has been activated and can be used one month after account activation.  Unused minutes from the previous months do not get carried over the succeeding month.

Accounts get unlocked after an hour.  If you need to access your account immediately, let us know so we can unlock it for you.

At the moment, FreeTranscriptions only supports recordings in English.

Editing Services

The quality of your transcript depends highly on the quality of your recordings. That’s why we’ve listed a few tips for you to remember when recording your audio. You can also request one of our proofing services. Choose from Basic Proofing or Premium Proofing.
Definitely!  We also offer two types of proofing: Basic Proofing and Premium Proofing.  With our Basic Proofing service, our team of top-notch editors will go through your audio to text transcription and make it as accurate as possible.  The transcript will be sent in paragraph format.  Speakers are not labelled, but a new paragraph will denote a change in speaker.

You can also opt for our Premium Proofing service.  Not only will our team of editors ensure that your transcript is as accurate as possible, they will also make sure that speakers are labeled, and timestamps added at a per minute interval. You can learn more about our Proofing Services here.
Although both Basic Proofing and Premium Proofing go through our team of top-notch editors to ensure accuracy, it is in the format that they differ. With Basic Proofing, the transcript is in paragraph format, where a new paragraph denotes a change in speaker. With the Premium Proofing, speakers are labeled and a per minute timestamp is included. To see transcript samples, click here for Basic Proofing and for Premium Proofing.