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We offer automated machine transcriptions for up to 300 audio minutes a month. Since our platform is built on the most accurate audio-to-text software available, you’ll get your recordings transcribed for you faster than the time it would take for human transcription.

 To Use Our Service:

Create a free account on our client platform and start getting your free transcripts. Rest assured, there’s no need to send any additional information (eg. credit card info.) aside from the required information in the provided form.

We also have a selection of editing options so you can maximize the quality of your free transcript. Simply choose from one of our editing services and we can improve your transcript by adding in a human touch.

Other Services:

Basic Transcript Editing

We take your free automated audio to text machine transcripts and add in a human touch.

Premium Transcript Editing

Our team of editors make your machine transcript as accurate as they can, and add in speaker labels.

Meeting Minutes

We summarize your meeting or conference call to highlight key points and action items.

Get An Additional 300 Minutes Per Month For Free:
Simply use any of our editing services and request at least an hour’s worth of audio recording per month.

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