Here’s Why Your Facebook Videos Aren’t Getting Enough Engagement (And How to Fix It)

Here’s Why Your Facebook Videos Aren’t Getting Enough Engagement (And How to Fix It)

Facebook videos are a great way to boost your business’ social media presence. They can be fun, they can be informative, and they let your audience interact with you and your brand. However, you might find yourself at an impasse when you realize you’re not getting that stellar engagement you long for. 

So why exactly are your Facebook videos not getting enough engagement?

To put it simply, it’s because you’re not making it easy for your audience to watch your Facebook videos. You’re not giving them enough reason for them to pay attention. How can you fix this? Start by including captions or subtitles.

With captions or subtitles on your Facebook videos, people are going to want to tune in and engage with your content. They can watch it better, have more opportunities to love it, and easily share it with others. Best of all, inserting captions can ultimately improve your engagement in more ways than one. 


How captions are changing the game for Facebook videos

Did you know that 85% of Facebook videos are being watched without sound? That’s right, most people nowadays watch videos in silence. This means that if you don’t provide a way for your audience to view and absorb your content without turning on sound (either with captions or subtitles), you won’t be able to get proper engagement. Even Facebook says adding captions to your video can boost view time by 12%. Wouldn’t you want these kinds of results?

Apart from boosting engagement and view times, captions also have numerous other benefits. Here are more ways captions are changing the game for Facebook videos: 

  • The audience can better understand and learn from the video
  • Bilingual and multilingual viewers will have a smoother time watching your content
  • People with visual and hearing impairments can access your video
  • People will be able to watch your videos in various environments
  • You’ll be able to emphasize specific points
  • Your SEO (search engine optimization) will improve


How to Use Facebook’s automatic video captioning tool

It’s a good thing Facebook has an automatic video captioning tool that can easily help you add captions to your videos. All you need to do is click the Subtitles & Captions section when uploading a new video on Facebook. Once you click that, you need to select “Auto-Generate” from the Add New Captions section in the window that will pop up. This will trigger the auto-generated captions in your videos. 

You can also add auto-generated captions to previously uploaded videos. Click the ••• on the top-right corner of an existing video, select Edit Post, and just repeat the steps mentioned above. 


Editing Facebook video captions

While auto-generated captions are a gift, there are times when they’re not the most reliable. Some words might be misspelled or misheard by the auto-captioning tool, there might be specific jargons and acronyms, or foreign words that are beyond its capabilities. In this case, you’ll need to edit those Facebook video captions as you publish them. 

To edit, all you need to do is select a video, go to Captions and click Generate. You will then be prompted to review the captions, where you can edit them line by line. You can correct mistakes, add special sound effects, background music, and more. 


Adding your own captions to your Facebook videos

Adding your captions for your videos is also a way to ensure that they’re as accurate as they can be. This way you also have the option for closed captions, which can be very helpful to people with hearing disabilities. 

To add your own captions to your Facebook video, you need to upload a SubRip file (.srt). Ask someone from your team to transcribe your videos for the captions. You can also utilize a free transcription service that can help you create captions for your Facebook video. After that, the only thing left is for you to upload the file to your Facebook video.


Engagement is essential when it comes to your business’ social media presence, and your video caption is key to better audience engagement. Keep these things in mind the next time you publish a Facebook video!