How to Add Captions to Your Facebook Live

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Apart from posting regular Facebook videos, going live on Facebook is a great way to garner engagement for your business. You can utilize Facebook Lives on special events, updates and news, product information, and more. But first, you need to make sure that your live broadcasts are compelling enough to attract viewers.

We’ve discussed before how not putting captions or subtitles is a reason why your Facebook videos are not getting enough engagement, and this might be the same for your live broadcasts as well. You need to make sure that your Facebook Lives are as accessible and engaging as they can be. Captions will make it easier for you to do so.

There are three ways to add captions to your Facebook live videos: 

  • Using a free transcription service
  • Creating and uploading your own captions
  • Working with third-party captioning companies


Use a free transcription service

This is perhaps the easiest way to add captions to your live Facebook videos. A free transcription service, like FreeTranscriptions, can transcribe your Facebook Live videos and upload  the transcriptions as captions.

Simply upload an audio version of your Facebook live video, and their online audio-to-text conversion engine can generate transcriptions in no time. You can then turn these transcriptions into captions that will go with your Facebook Live videos. Extra editing services are also quite beneficial since you can request speaker labels and timestamps. These will help you have an easier time turning it into captions.


Create and upload your own captions

You also have the option to create and upload your own captions. Transcribe your Facebook Live by yourself, turn it into captions in an .SRT file, and upload it. This way, you’ll have more control over the captions and make sure they’re as accurate as they can be. 

To create your own captions, all you need is a text editor like Notepad. Start with the number of the caption, input the exact time a line starts and ends, and add the word-for-word line in the video. Be mindful of inserting too many speeches or sentences. Put no more than 15-20 words in one line of caption. It should look something like this:

create your own srt sample

Keep transcribing until you reach the end of your Facebook Live and you come up with complete captions you can upload. Save the document as an .SRT file by adding .srt at the end of the file name and it should be ready to be uploaded. 


Using third-party captioning companies

If you prefer real-time captions during your Facebook Live, a good option would be to work with third-party captioning companies. With a third-party caption provider, Facebook Lives being broadcasted through Live API will be able to have closed captions for the benefit of many. 


Here’s how you can enable closed captions on your live Facebook broadcasts with a third-party captioning company:

  1. Before you go live, set up a third-party tool or start working with a third-party caption

provider to enable live captions for your broadcast. 

  1. Along with the video footage you capture in your live broadcast, insert or pass through

embedded CEA-608 captions data into the live encoder.

  1. Stream your live broadcast feed via the Facebook Live API.


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Your audience’s Facebook feeds might be too congested with all kinds of video content nowadays. For you to stand out, your live broadcasts need to be as interesting as possible. Keep these things in mind the next time you go for a Facebook like.