How to Automatically Generate Interview Transcripts

How to Automatically Generate Interview Transcripts

Conducting interviews is always a challenging task, from gathering participants to doing the actual interview to storing and distributing it for your website, research, or more. Fortunately, transcribing interviews can have a positive effect on your entire process. If you’re not utilizing interview transcripts yet, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. 


Advantages of Using Interview Transcripts

Interview transcripts are an excellent tool that will benefit you in many ways. Whether you’re a student, a researcher, a journalist, a content marketer, interview transcripts can change the game for you. Here are some advantages of getting interviews transcribed:

Now, you may think that writing interview transcripts is time-consuming (and yes, it can be), but this is not the case if you know just how to automatically generate them instead.


How to Generate Interview Transcripts

Make use of a free transcription service

You can utilize a free transcription service with an online audio-to-text conversion engine to automatically generate interview transcripts. For example, FreeTranscriptions can generate automated transcriptions from audio recordings. It’s fast and smooth, and you can easily proofread and edit your transcriptions. It’s also important to note that when it comes to interview transcripts, it’s better to add proper speaker labels. These speaker labels will help your audience identify the participants in the interview, especially if there are more than two. 

Enable the Automatic Captioning Tool in your platform

Various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have their own automatic captioning tool for generating captions. This is a more direct way if you’re planning on using interview transcripts to put captions on your interview videos. What you need to do is make sure the automatic captions are enabled before publishing a video of the interview on your chosen platform. After publishing, you can go back to your videos and edit the transcript so that it’s more accurate and there are no mistakes. 

Use transcription apps

Modern technology has paved the way for interesting and useful apps. This includes transcription apps that can help you transcribe interviews yourself. Even browser apps like Express Scribe or oTranscribe can make your work faster and more efficient. You can transcribe while using your phone or other handheld gadgets. If you record or film your interviews through your phone, using mobile transcription apps is a great choice to automatically generate transcripts.

Use the Voice Typing Tool in Google Docs

Google Docs has its own tool that can let you transcribe as you go over your interview. All you need to do is open up a new Google Docs file, click Tools and in the drop-down menu, and select Voice Typing. This shall prompt a little window with a microphone icon. Once you press this icon, you can start speaking and interviewing your guest and it will transcribe the words as you speak. After the interview, you can immediately save the file with your interview transcript.