How to Outsource Content Creation and Why

How to Outsource Content Creation and Why

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your content marketing strategies, but you don’t have enough time or staff, outsourcing your content creation is a great alternative. Outsourcing is hiring a party outside your company to perform services or create goods that are usually assigned to your own employees. This is practiced by many companies or agencies when they’re understaffed, when they don’t have enough tools or resources for a specific project, or if they’re a small company who recently just started. It’s a good thing that you can also do this when it comes to creating content. Here are the ways and benefits of outsourcing content creation: 


Ways to Outsource Content Creation

Pay a writer to create an article

This is one of the most common ways to outsource content creation. Most companies do this because they need a quick turnaround for a specific topic they want to touch on, or they’ll be submitting that piece as a guest post for a well-known website, or they want a longer piece of written content but they don’t have in-house writers to do it. 

Utilize transcription services

Utilizing transcription services is another way you can outsource your content creation. Instead of having your team members manually transcribe video or audio content, experienced transcribers or automated transcription services can do all the work instead. Utilizing a free transcription service is a great way to automate your content creation process. An advantage of getting transcripts created is they’re so easy to repurpose to different types of content pieces.

Hire video production agencies

When it comes to video content or your video marketing strategy, you can hire a video production company. Video production companies can take care of the whole process including filmmaking, video editing, audio editing, photography, and more. Outsourcing companies like these can take the weight off your shoulders. 

Hire graphic designers

Hiring graphic designers is also a way to outsource content creation, especially if you don’t have a dedicated graphic design team. You can outsource the creation of your specific campaign logos or posters to further enhance your marketing strategy. 


Benefits of Outsourcing Your Content Creation

You can save expenses

First and foremost, outsourcing your content creation means you can save expenses. Instead of hiring a full-time writer, videographer, or graphic designer, you’ll only be paying for the content you agreed upon. There’s no need to worry about medical insurance, office equipment benefits, extra compensation, or more. You’re cutting down costs and saving money and effort along the way. 

You have the chance to try different types of content

While blogs are the most common type of content, you can also branch out to other types of content when you outsource. Aside from blogs, you can try videos, graphics, logos, infographics, e-books, etc. It can be difficult with a small team in contrast, but getting help and outsourcing can help you produce more varieties of content quickly. 

You can reach a wider audience

Maximizing your audience reach is also possible if you outsource your content creation. Once a content is live and published on your website, the outsourced creators can share those on their own website or social platforms. Not only will they be featuring their own creation, but they’ll also be marketing you and your company indirectly. With this, you should be able to reach a wider audience.

You can gain partnerships or relationships

Another benefit of outsourcing is gaining partnerships and forging relationships. With every writer you work with, with every post-production company you hire, or every transcription service you get, you have the chance to create relationships. If you nurture these and gain trust of various parties, then these relationships can benefit you or your business in the long run. 

You can reduce possibilities of burnout 

Outsourcing content creation means taking the weight off you or your team’s shoulders. If you’re a small company and/or are understaffed at the moment, there are higher chances of burnout among your team if they are expected to churn out so much content with little time. Take their health and mental stability into consideration and hire help from third party companies instead. This way you’re reducing the possibilities of burnout or too much stress. 

You have more time to focus on the business

Outsourcing also means you have more time to focus on the business itself. Whether it be formulating business strategies, going through daily transactions and sales, managing administrative and executive teams, you have the time to pay attention to these more significant aspects of your business and work towards achieving your goals.