How to Save Time in the Workplace with an Automatic Transcription Tool

using an automatic transcription tool at work

We’re always looking for ways to efficiently and immediately finish tasks in the workplace. No matter how much we love our work, we try to find ways to save time. We try different methods or try new and innovative tools. Fortunately, a free transcription service using an automated transcription engine is one innovative tool that can help you when it comes to saving time. Best of all is that you can use it in different situations. Here’s how you can save time in the workplace using an automatic transcription tool:


You can use it to create meeting minutes

With an automatic transcription tool, you’ll be able to create a detailed and formal meeting minutes. You simply transcribe the audio recordings of your weekly meetings, ad-hoc meetings, or more, and you’ll be able to capture every detail. You’ll never miss the participant names, the meeting agenda, the individual concerns, suggestions, opinions, and the final action plans. 


Using this innovative tool also means you have more time and freedom to listen to your meetings as they are happening. There is no need to take notes during the meeting anymore, and you won’t end up with disorganized notes for the meeting minutes. 


You can use it to transcribe interviews

Doing interviews also takes less time with an automated transcript in hand. Whether it be interviews for recruitment, promotional materials, press releases or news, or a special occasion or celebration, you can transcribe them without any hassle. You can then use these transcripts when it comes to numerous taxing chores. This includes analyzing data, gathering and releasing information, or sorting out applications. 


You can use it to transcribe conference calls

Conference calls happen frequently in workplaces, especially if it’s a big company. You talk with investors, clients, and even your remote teams. To keep track of all these conference calls and to properly document them, you can utilize a free transcription tool.


Since most conference calls are recorded, you can just transcribe every call you make. This will allow you to keep permanent or official documents regarding these conference calls. No need to tell your secretary or other employees to manually transcribe them. 


You can use it for marketing materials

Automated transcription also has its uses when it comes to marketing materials. Marketing materials help put your company out there and make sure that your businesses or services are getting exposure. These may come in the form of TV commercials, online video ads, short videos, and more. In this case, an automatic transcription tool saves you a lot of time in transcribing these videos or audios. You can use these for the captions and transcriptions, which can then be distributed to accommodate those who have hearing or vision impairments. 


You can use it for seminars

Seminars and workshops are a great way to grow professionally in the workplace. Fortunately, you can also use an automatic transcription engine to transcribe hours and hours of seminars. With this, you’ll be able to pay full attention to these seminars. You’ll also be able to organize notes and review key points and highlights of these sessions for some other time. Not only will you be saving time, but you also have the opportunity to grow in your workplace and further your career. 


There’s nothing wrong with trying to save a little time. And if automatic transcription can help you save time and achieve more in the workplace, why not make the most of it?