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Improving Your Video Marketing with Closed Captions

improving video marketing

According to HubSpot, the demand for video content is increasing, and more people want to see more video from the brands or businesses they support. As a marketer, you should implement an effective strategy to make the most out of your videos. You have to make sure that with every video you publish, you are sending a message clearly, reaching more audiences, retaining your audience base by delighting them, and more. Fortunately, something as simple as closed captions can help improve your video marketing. 

Here are the several ways closed captions can improve your video marketing tactics. 

They increase accessibility

With closed captions, you have the ability to extend your reach to more people by making your content more accessible and. Your videos would be accessible to the Deaf or hard of hearing, plus non-native speakers or bilingual people. If your videos have closed captions, it would be easier for them to watch your video and absorb the information. 

They boost viewership or engagement in social media

Videos with closed captions do well in social media. According to Facebook, adding captions to your video can boost view time by 12%, while Animoto’s research says 39% of consumers are more likely to finish videos with subtitles or captions.

You can also take for example brands like Mashable and NowThis Entertainment on Facebook and how they leverage captions as an answer to how Facebook users interact with their feed. They disseminate stories, information, and entertainment heavily through videos with captions so that even without sound, users can still understand their video content. As a result, they get thousands of views, and they get people to comment on their video content and share them to their own feeds. 

You’ll be able to repurpose your videos

Having closed captions will also allow you to easily repurpose your video content. You can transform a single video into a series of tweets, a blog post, an infographic, simple graphic images, and more. All these repurposed content can help you gain more exposure and allow you to extend your reach into different platforms. 

They boost SEO

Closed captions can help you boost your SEO (search engine optimization) which will help you rank better in search results. This is because search engines have more content and keywords to index if your videos have captions or subtitles. It’s also worth noting that in general, video transcripts can help you maximize SEO

Your videos can strive on sound-sensitive environments

With captions in place, your video can be played anywhere, even on sound-sensitive environments. This gives your audience a chance to freely watch your video content without the need to go to a quiet place (which may not be possible right away) or to use earphones (which may not be available to them at the moment). Perhaps they’re on the commute, in public transportation, or maybe they’re at the library, or maybe even their workplace. 

Improve watch time

If you’re also looking forward to monetizing your videos, watch time is going to be important. Closed captions can help with this as people have more reasons to watch and engage with your videos when they see that they’re captioned. The longer they stay to watch your video, then the better is your ad completion rate. 

Use a free transcription service for your video captions

Save time and money by using a free transcription service to get closed captions for your videos. You’ll be using an online audio-to-text conversion engine to generate your audio file to text. Now all you need to do is insert the captions to your videos or upload a subtitle file to the platform. With this, your video marketing strategy will be able to achieve more even though you spent less time and money.