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Editing Services

Premium Proofing

Premium Transcript Proofing

While the accuracy of machine transcriptions continues to improve, factors like speech and recording quality, the number of speakers & crosstalk affect the quality of transcripts.  We can polish your transcript by adding in a human touch. Choose from one of our editing/proofing services and maximize the quality of your free transcript.

We understand that transcript accuracy is important, and part of getting it accurate is knowing who said what.  With our Premium Proofing service, not only will our team of editors make your machine transcript as accurate as they can, but they will also add in speaker labels.  Timestamps will also be included on a per minute basis.

To see a sample transcript with Premium Proofing, click here.

Note:  Cutoff for proofing requests is at 5pm ET

Requests that come in past the cutoff times are considered as next day requests.