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Reasons to Include Transcriptions in Your 2021 SEO Strategy

Reasons to Include Transcriptions in Your 2020 SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is ever-changing. There’s no one way to do it, and new trends and algorithms are always being discovered. However, there is one factor that is consistently significant when it comes to SEO—content. Whether it be blog posts, videos, podcasts, webinars, press releases, or images, content matters, and one way to ensure that you are maximizing content is by incorporating transcriptions. 

By including transcriptions in your SEO strategy, you’ll be able to maximize content, generate new leads, drive traffic to your website, and gain more audiences, fans, and prospects. With a free transcription service, you won’t even have to spend hundreds of money to incorporate something this simple.

Here are reasons why you should include transcriptions in your 2020 SEO strategy:

You can improve the search engine indexation

Audio and video transcripts can well improve the search engine indexation of your website. If you post transcripts of podcasts, video commercials, or even webinars or interview panels, search engines will have new content to index. The more you provide valuable content, the more search engines will recognize your website as a relevant source and will recommend you among the top results. Thus, driving more traffic to your site. 

You can improve your keyword optimization

Along with the search engine indexation, your keyword optimization can also be improved with transcriptions. In every audio or video transcript you post, you have the chance to optimize it for keywords. The more optimized you are when it comes to keywords, the more search engines will identify your niche and what your website is all about. 

You can gain a competitive advantage

Utilizing transcriptions in your SEO strategy is also a way to gain an advantage over competitors. Businesses who don’t provide transcripts or subtitles with their videos or podcasts will miss out on various opportunities. Take advantage of this and gain an edge over your competitors

You can provide options for your audience

With transcriptions, you can provide options for your audience to access and consume your content. Some of your audience might prefer to watch with subtitles. Some might be caught up in the rush hour trying to commute, but they’ll be able to watch the video silently. Some might have missed your video or podcast, and the transcriptions are their next best option they can read while at work. Some might also be looking at your content for research and transcriptions can be a better way to collect data from them. 

Whatever it is, you’ll be catering to their preferences if you include transcriptions to your audio or video content. 

You’ll be able to target foreign audiences

Transcriptions will also allow you to expand your audience from around the world as you’ll be able to target foreign audiences. You can easily translate the English transcriptions to widely-used foreign languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French, and German. With these, you’ll be able to appeal to non-US citizens, bilingual or multilingual citizens, non-native English speakers, and more. 

You can create more optimized content

As mentioned above, content is king. With transcriptions included in your strategy, You can create more optimized content that will help improve your SEO. You can turn promotional videos into blogs, you can turn your podcast to bite-sized social media posts. You can even turn these kinds of content to graphic images instead of just text posts to maximize engagement and exposure online. Anything is possible if you know just how to repurpose and create new kinds of content.  

Start using a free transcription service as part of your SEO strategy. With optimized and valuable content from transcriptions, your SEO can improve in more ways than one.