Services to Boost Your Automated Transcripts

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We’ve all been pressed for tight deadlines and minimal budget at least once in our lives regardless of the industry we belong to. It’s an inevitable part of any business. Such circumstances would demand you to always look for alternative options, preferably services that are cost-effective and would allow for immediate delivery. 

These two reasons may have been the driving force for businesses to launch automated transcription services, combining cost-effectivity and speedy delivery time. There are a number of services available online now so you just have to look for the one that best caters to your needs. 

While automated transcription services are becoming a mainstream tool for a lot of clients nowadays, you can’t argue that its main downside is the degree of accuracy. No digital technology, at least in terms of transcriptions, has surpassed humans’ ability to convert an audio file into text format accurately. However, also because of this shortcoming, other services and tools have been established to improve automatically generated transcriptions. 

infographic showing suggested tools to boost automated transcripts

Here are some valuable services & tools to assist you in handling and improving your machine-generated transcripts:


It is vital to choose reliable cloud storage to keep your files organized and secure. Google Drive is on top of that storage list. This cloud storage service has 15gb of free storage space and is integrated with Gmail which brings about a very convenient file sharing option. If for some reason that doesn’t work for you, you can also try Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, SugarSync, etc. 


Look for a reliable converter capable of easily converting video files into audio files or converting one audio format to another. Be sure that the converted format is supported by the automated transcription service you are using. There are free conversion tools like Freemake, Format Factory, Handbrake, Wondershare Video Converter, and more that you can check out before uploading the file in your chosen audio-to-text converter. 


Businesses offering audio-to-text converters usually offer added proofreading or editing services to somehow combat shortcomings of machine-generated transcripts, mainly inaccuracy. This is for you to have your transcripts double-checked without breaking the bank.  


You might take the workload of transcribing off your shoulders but there are instances where there is also a need to summarize these audio files. Meeting summaries are crucial in order to have all the key discussion points be compiled and sent over to all meeting attendees as a reference and for documentation purposes. 

Audio Cleaner

If you deal with a lot of recordings on a daily basis, audio cleaners may be an essential tool for you to help you smooth out your audio files by reducing background noise. Among the most popular free audio cleaning tools are Audacity, Ocenaudio, Free Audio Editor, Ashampoo Music Studio 2018, and Acoustica Basic Edition. 

You can utilize these tools and services if you wish to make your automated transcripts as accurate as possible at the most reasonable price achievable.