Top 5 Audio to Text Transcription Solutions


An audio-to-text converter is an application that takes pre-recorded conversations or speeches and automatically converts it to text form – a process also known as transcribing.

People used to manually transcribe notes from audio files in order for them to gather and organize all the essential data better. Fortunately, the number of services that offer audio to text converters continue to rise alongside technological innovation.

While many of these automated transcription services offer their solutions for a minimal fee, there are some that can deliver the same transcription service for free or with free trial versions. This is especially beneficial to individuals or start-up businesses operating on tight budgets.

Audio to text converters primarily helps reduce the amount of time you spend transcribing audio files so you can instead redirect your efforts to more crucial work. This solution makes it increasingly valuable to customers in a range of different environments, from education to business.

With the help of the necessary applications, it is now easier to have your audio file be accurately transcribed without breaking the bank. There are several automated transcription services on the market and your goal is to get your hands on the most reliable ones in terms of quality and cost. To help you find the best fit for your specific transcription need, here is a narrowed-down list of services that offer the best audio-to-text transcription solutions out there:

  • Trint

With Trint, you can easily upload your file for transcription online and wait for an email update that will notify you about your completed transcription. They offer monthly subscriptions and packages that will cater to your business needs. Instead of providing you with just a text file, Trint will provide you with a text editor that allows you to listen to the playback while editing the text. You can tag according to the different sections of text per speaker or add highlights. When you’re done, you can export the text in either a .DOC file or a .SRT file.

Trint has a unique feature of realigning or adjusting your timecodes so it matches the timing of your source recording perfectly. Another feature is the capability to share a copy of your transcript to other users so your colleagues can keep track of the edits you make. This is best for you if you’re in need of a good output for simpler transcription tasks.

  • Sonix

Sonix transcribes, timestamps, and organizes your audio and video files. Their audio to text systems typically takes 3-4 minutes to transcribe a 30-minute audio recording. They help you edit and polish your transcripts and highlight or delete unimportant parts of your project. The monthly subscription with Sonix ranges from $11.25 to $49.50 depending on the plan you’re going to acquire.

Sonix has a good set of tools and features such as SEO-friendly embeds, Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Pro X integration, multiple user access features, etc. This solution is best for you if you have a combination of audio and video files in need of transcriptions.

  • Descript

This solution is free and offers 30 minutes of free transcription after which you will have to pay $0.15 per recorded minute. Descript also offers a monthly subscription plan priced at $20.

Descript offers two services: automatic transcription and “White Glove” transcription. You can get your transcription in under 5 minutes and 95% accuracy with automatic transcription priced at 7 cents per minute which works best if you need the text file immediately.  The White Glove option, on the other hand, is powered by human transcribers offering a more accurate output and is priced at $1 per minute. Descript also makes sure that your data is secured by using top-notch security technologies to keep all the client information private and confidential.

  • TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe uses the latest AI speech recognition technology paired with human transcribers making it easy for them to consistently provide you with accurate transcripts. They offer three main services: Transcription, Speech Recognition, and Translation. Their transcription service is priced at $0.79 per recorded minute, and their speech recognition service is at $0.10 per recorded minute. TranscribeMe’s translation service supports several languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, etc.

One of their unique features is enabling team account functionality wherein businesses can manage and oversee all audio to text projects from a single platform. They support industries such as market research, medical, technology, and consulting.

  • FreeTranscriptions

They offer up to 300 recorded minutes for free! You just need to create your own account. Once it has been verified, you can start uploading audio files and requests for transcriptions. FreeTranscriptions uses the best audio-to-text conversion engine in the market and has a user-friendly portal that works well on all devices.

You can enhance your project by using FreeTranscriptions’ other services such as their proofreading services. This service combines automated audio to text machine with their team of highly-skilled editors to make sure your transcripts are as accurate as possible. They can also summarize your meetings to highlight key points and action items. You can choose between standard summaries and executive summaries. Standard summaries include the agenda, attendees, and highlights of the meeting while executive summaries provide more concise summaries consisting only of the most crucial points of the meeting. FreeTranscriptions is the best option for you if you want affordable yet accurate transcriptions.

You can go ahead and check these tools out and evaluate which one works best for you or your company in terms of converting audio to text files.