Using Audio and Video Transcripts to Maximize SEO

audio and video transcripts for seo

If you have a website for your business or personal endeavors, chances are you’ve probably heard of SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is closely related to digital marketing. Anything that involves the improvement of visibility and quality of a website to increase the traffic is SEO. This means that the more you take time to optimize the design of your website, webpage, or social media profile, supply content, add keywords and significant texts, check links, and others, the more you have a chance to increase traffic by having your website rank at the top results of a search engine. 

Would you believe that something as ordinary as audio and video transcripts can be used to maximize your SEO strategy?


How can audio and video transcriptions maximize SEO?

Now is the perfect time to use transcriptions to further optimize your SEO. They can change the game for you as a business owner, a content creator, a marketer, a filmmaker, or anything else. Here are the many ways it can boost your search engine optimization efforts:


They provide more content to crawl and index.

Posting transcriptions along with the video ads, interviews, recorded webinars, and more on your website gives the search engine more content to analyze. This means more keywords to be indexed, more information to be crawled. This will all contribute to your SEO and will give you more chances to be visible in search engines. 


They increase viewership. 

Audio and video transcriptions can be used to create captions and subtitles for various kinds of visual materials. You’ll be able to add captions for online ads, subtitles for movies or short films, and even closed captions for YouTube videos. And when you add these captions and subtitles, you have more chances to achieve better views. 


They improve user experience.

Search engines factor in the user experience (UX) among the users when determining the page rank. With transcriptions in place, you’re improving the UX. Your audience will have better experience in absorbing your content. Students and researchers will be able to find information quickly, journalists will be able to record conversations and quotes verbatim, and English as a second language or ESL learners will understand better and faster. 


They give better accessibility. 

Not all of your audience or potential audience have the perfect hearing or the perfect eyesight to consume your audio or video content. Your transcriptions can make these content more accessible to those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, have poor eyesight, or have learning disabilities. And by doing this, you are extending your reach to more people, more potential customers, more fans. 


They make content creation easier. 

Content is one of the main factors that can affect SEO, especially when it comes to websites. Unfortunately, content creation can also be taxing at times. Audio and video transcripts are beneficial for marketing as it makes content creation easier. You can turn a previous webinar into a blog post, you can provide transcriptions for the videos on your website. You can even post transcriptions of your latest podcast episodes and share them on your website or on your social media. There are a lot of ways you can use transcripts to create content. You just have to be innovative. 


Where can you get audio and video transcriptions?

The best way to get audio and video transcriptions is by using a free transcription service. You can generate transcriptions with little to no time at all at no cost! As soon as you have the audio-to-text transcriptions, you can use them in every way you can. Whether it be for podcasts, video marketing materials, YouTube video content, movies and short films, and so much more. Whatever it is, you can be sure that these audio and video transcriptions will be able to improve your SEO strategy.