What Type Of Content Creator Are You?

What Type Of Content Creator Are You

Being a content creator is a lot of hard work. Whether you’re a writer, a vlogger, a graphic designer, or an industry professional, you have to make sure that the content you’re pushing out is on point. What kind of content creator are you? Identifying your type can help you stay consistent with your content creation and help you build your brand more effectively. Here are four types of content creators:


The Expert

The Expert is a content creator who has actual expertise in a particular niche.  This includes industry professionals, educators, politicians, businessmen, or more who have a breadth of knowledge from experience that they can share with their audience. Content creators like this publish content that is highly informative, timely, and relevant. They can also be active across multiple platforms and publish different kinds of content. 

The Insider

As for the Insider type of content creator, these are professionals or influential people sharing insider knowledge, tips, tricks, hidden secrets, and more with the people. Insiders help their audience get a glimpse or understand certain events, places, industries, and even lives of some people that are otherwise hard to get access to. There’s a big chance content creators like this are responsible for viral content across different platforms since they are privy to such information. Whether it be for entertainment or enlightenment, an Insider’s content will grab the audience’s attention for sure. 

The Teacher

This type of content creator mainly publishes helpful guides, how-tos, exercises, step-by-step articles, and more. The Teacher’s goal is to educate their audience with practical tips regarding certain topics and tasks that may not be readily available on the internet. Apart from blogs, they make use of infographics and tutorial videos to further educate their audience. 

The Writer

The Writer is one of the most common types of content creators. They can be seen among industries such as lifestyle, wellness, publishing, and more. This kind of content creator is more inclined to publish readable works such as articles and blogs rather than any other kinds of content. They’re also known for personal works and essays, where they share their experience or their opinions. 

Tools you need as a content creator

As a content creator, you’re going to have to equip yourself with tools that will help you succeed. Whether you’re an Expert, an Insider, a Teacher, or a Writer, you need these tools. Here are some of them: 

  • Free transcription service – A free transcription service will be handy when it comes to transcribing audio clips and videos. If you do interviews and vlogs, transcriptions will be your edge among others. 
  • A good camera – A good camera, whether it be a phone camera or a professional camera, will be necessary as a content creator. You’ll be able to capture photos and videos with accuracy and quality.
  • Online collaborative file storage – An online collaborative file storage will help you stay organized with your content. From articles to videos to graphics and more, you can store them, keep them organized, and share it easily with your team.
  • Grammar and spelling checker – As you start posting on social media or crafting articles, you’ll need a handy tool that will make sure your texts don’t have any mistakes. A grammar and spelling checker can help you here. 


Were you able to identify your type as a content creator? What tools have you used or have been most helpful to you in producing and publishing your content? Leave a reply below!