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Why You Should Use Automated Transcriptions


Deadlines are a common enemy that students and employees all over the world face in their daily lives. At one point or another, everyone has procrastinated and pulled an all-nighter to complete a job. In turn, many have come up with solutions in hopes of increasing productivity. This includes requiring the services of physical and virtual assistants, freelancers, and the like, usually also involving the use of technology as an aid.

Modern technologies have increasingly made life easier for a lot of people. An example would be audio-to-text or machine-generated transcriptions. Automated transcriptions provide multiple benefits for various industries including research, education, media, the corporate world and many more. Moreover, audio transcription services continue to improve day by day, its accuracy steadily increasing. Unlike before, more and more transcription services require less of their users to spend countless hours on manual transcription.

Automated transcriptions have other advantages as well. Anyone with transcribing experience knows how time-consuming it can be – with automated transcriptions, audio or video is automatically converted into transcription with very little intervention needed from humans, helping many people save not only time but money as well. Here are more of its advantages.

Advantages of Automated Transcription Softwares

  1. Faster turn-around time

Transcribing a document through online audio to text software is real-time and will almost take the same duration as the audio.  For example, a 30-minute audio will only take around 30 minutes for software to transcribe.  This can save you hours or even days that human transcription services typically take for longer audio files.

This makes automated transcription software a practical option if you’re strapped for time and need a transcript ASAP. Plus, it allows you to work on other tasks while waiting for the transcription to finish.

  1. Accessible

There are many automated transcription services online. The best part? Most of them are ready to use anytime. Also, there are automated transcription services where you no longer have to send an audio file; all you have to do is make sure that the service offers online speech recognition which can automatically convert your voice into text.

Plus, while some human transcriptionists work in specific shifts and sometimes on other projects, machine transcription services are available any time for your use.

  1. Cost-effective

Automated transcription services typically cost little since there is very little manual work from humans . There are even some that offer transcriptions for free like In addition, clean-up services for automated transcripts are cheaper than manual transcription services.

Besides the costs of the services themselves, you’ll save up on energy that you can lose from focusing too much on transcribing your files. Any amount of money that you’ll spend for automated transcriptions is a small price to pay for efficiency and convenience.

  1. Secure and confidential

There may come an instance where you would want to block out specific parts of audio containing info that you need to keep a secret. Most audio-to-text transcription services are secured and encrypted in more ways than one, and unauthorized parties will be unable to listen to the recording. 

However, make sure that the service you choose is secure and if any, has a vetted third-party platform that they use for processing any form of data.

  1. Useful in various industries

Automated transcripts are very beneficial to people in various industries. Audio to text software can transcribe raw data or information within dialogue that may contain highly-technical terms, which can be vital for those who need precision in their work.

This can come in especially handy in medical, research, corporate, and media. Journalists, for example, will find automated transcripts an absolute must to extract information from interviews and make them far more agile in writing their pieces.

Of course, there are some downsides to automatic transcriptions as well such as its inaccuracy when certain factors come to play like background noise, multiple speakers, accents, and fast speakers. In situations like these, asking help from a professional human transcriber for transcript clean-up is recommended